Ben (pka Glen) has come back to us after a change in circumstances.  Ben is a super dog but does have some issues, all trainable.  He responds well to positive reinforcement and loves to be told what a good boy he is.  He can walk well around other dogs and can make friends given a bit of time and guidance.  He walks well on lead and has some basic training (when he remembers).  Although he can be good of lead at the moment if there is a distraction he kind of forgets that.  Ben has had some issues with children in the past so could not be rehomed with children. We are looking for a home that will continue with Ben’s training and get him out and about enjoying life.  He loves his walks and to play.

Ben is very attentive

Ben is a handsome lad

Ben enjoys the company of humans he trust

Ben enjoys cuddles from those he trusts

Ben on a mission


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