Charlie is recovering well

Charlie Loves to be out and sit on a shoulder

13/7/18  We have been really impressed with Charlie’s progress.  He is loving his baths and is now very active.  Charlie is now ready to look for an experienced home that will continue to care for him in the right manner and give this boy a good and steady home. 26/6/18  Charlie is doing really well and is now using all four limbs.  He is enjoying his food and we are now able to introduce foods that are better for him and he is enjoying.  He can now catch crickets which is bound to help.  We hope that very soon he will be able to find an experienced home that will be able to continue his recovery.

14/6/18 We were all very upset when a bearded dragon was found dumped last week.  We knew he was poorly but sadly it was much worse than we had hoped.  Charlie had clearly been neglected but the extent wasn’t cleared until he received x-rays this week. Charlie has two fractured legs, not due to trauma but due lack of knowledge by his previous owner.  We were given two choices and we chose to try and give Charlie what he needs, proper light, heating and diet.  He needs to get his calcium levels up and in doing so the fractures should heal themselves. His energy levels have improved just with the correct heat and light, we now need to work on his diet.  We are giving him a varied diet and at the moment his favourite vegetation is parsley.  Fortunately we have some growing fresh.  He is eating a few meal worms and is showing interest in the crickets but his legs keep slipping.  We have got some reptile carpet coming as we think this will give Charlie more traction on the floor which will enable him to catch the crickets more easily.  It’s going to be a long journey for this dragon.  We hope he will be looking for a very knowledgeable home sometime soon.

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