Gypsy was one at end of October.  She is a sweet girl, and a Kelpie cross.  She is very exuberant about life and would probably make a fantastic agility dog as she loves balls.  She can not live with cats.  Gypsy was underweight when she came in but is now up to a healthy weight having put on 3.3 kilos.


Gypsy has such a happy face  (01/19)

Gypsy is always ready to play  (01/19)

Gypsy will give her toys back when you know she is going to get more fun from playing  (01/19)

Gypsy is super bright and will make a great agility type dog  (01/19)

Gypsy loves ‘the slide’  (01/19)

Gypsy does a really good sit, most of the time (01/19)

Gypsy trying to work out how to fit more than one ball in her mouth and enjoying the “Slide”

Gypsy is a very bright girl who will do well with the right input (08/18)

Gypsy levitating? (08/18)

Gypsy loves to play (08/18)

Gypsy is just a youngster (08/18)



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