Joe was born in November 2012.  He was originally a stray and his owner decided to sign him over.  When he came in he had skin and weight problems and was quite poorly just after coming in he now appears to have recovered well, his skin is looking clearer and he is slowly putting on weight.  We are now looking for a right home for this lovely boy.

Since being in kennels we have found him great and make a point of walking him with any difficult dogs as he appears to have a great calming influence on them.  Having said that he does have his moments of “manic mode” and can destroy a ball pretty quickly.  His recall is hit and miss depending on whether he has the ball or not.  He walks well on lead but occasional will have a game of tug by grabbing his lead and just not letting go.

Joe, best time for destroying a tennis ball about 15 seconds

Joe is currently on regular medicated baths which he loves and enjoys being cosy and warm after

Joe is going to turn into a beauty

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