Kayleigh was born January 2013.  We rehomed her some years ago but sadly her owner passed away.  She then went out to another home and nipped someone in the home.

We have found her very well behaved in kennels but any new home will need to understand the terrier in her.  She is on a reducing diet to help her waist line.  She has known to have stiff hips in the past so losing weight will also help her.

Kayleigh cannot be rehomed with any other animals or Children, including visiting children. She may be suited to a quieter area where she is unlikely to run into many off lead dogs

Kayleigh is a lap dog at heart

Kayleigh loves her ears scratched

Kayleigh loves a game of fetch although it is a bit onesided

Kayleigh is a sweet girl

Kayleigh does need an owner that will understand the terrier side of her

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