Lacey is just over 2 1/2 years old and is a lurcher type. She was originally with us as a puppy in 2016 but unfortunately finds herself looking for a new home. She is good with other dogs but is unable to live with cats. Lacey has some separation anxiety  however her previous owners had Lacey at day care.  She is looking for an owner that will have the time to settle Lacey into a routine and be able to build up the time she is left in a controlled manner. It is quite possible that when Lacey is aware what her routine is she will settle better and chewing will be directed at what she is allowed to chew not what she isn’t.  Lacey loves a cuddle and enjoys lying on the sofa with you, if you can fit!

Lacey checking the water temperature is just right

Lacey showing off her beautiful sit

Lacey went out for a walk with Caesar

Lacey loves the beach and water

Lacey loves to play ball

Lacey loves a sofa to lie on

Lacey is more than happy to join in the fun at a party

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