Lacey was born in November 2015 and is a lurcher type.  She was original with us as a puppy in 2016 but unfortunately finds herself looking for a new home.

Lacey is a lively girl, loves a cuddle and enjoys playing (so much so her recall is a bit selective but is improving weekly!) She has settled well with the other dogs in kennels and with the correct introductions is good around dogs she knows.  Lacey loves to be out on her walks and enjoys the company of people.  She is unable to live with cats. Lacey is quiet and well behaved in kennels. She is looking for an owner that will have the time to settle Lacey into a routine and be able to build up the time she is left in a controlled manner so she can be as relaxed as she is in kennels. Lacey loves a cuddle and enjoys lying on the sofa with you, if you can fit!  She is a brilliant digger and loves a ball.  She has been around a few of the dogs at kennels and a well balanced dog could make a good companion in a new home.

Lacey loves her walks and will go out in all weathers as long as she has her coat on (don’t worry she’ll remind you).  She travels well in the car and is used to wearing a dog seatbelt.

Lacey is quite happy to wear a seatbelt

Lacey loves to be out and about and her beach is probably one of her favourite walks

Lacey loves to play

Lacey is a beautiful girl with beautiful eyes.

Toby is pretty bomb proof around other dogs.

Lacey loves a ball

The reason Lacey is wearing a lead is she will not come back when called and it takes all the fun out of her having a play, so we regularly stop her, tell her she’s a good girl and let her go and play again. Not ideal but hopefully in time we wont need the lead anymore.

Lacey checking the water temperature is just right

Lacey showing off her beautiful sit

Lacey went out for a walk with Caesar

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