Lilly is just four years old.  She is about the size of a boxer and a bit of a softy.  She is house and crate trained and a good traveler.  She has lived with other dogs and is just an overgrown puppy when she plays.  She loves giving sloppy kisses and having a good bum scratch. Lilly recently growled at a young child who had just started crawling and although this is understandable Lilly would be better with older children.

This lovely girl is going to make a super addition to the right home.

It could have been so different for Lily, but she’s safe now

Lily is a beauty

Lily very happy

Who couldn’t think Lily was a beauty

Lily is a misunderstood softy

Love to know what Lilly’s thinking

Lilly is a bit of a softy, liking her home comforts.

Lilly is about the size of a boxer


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