Mazie is a typical bouncy and full of live staffie.  Born May 2016 she is still very much a puppy.  She is said to be friendly, if a bit over the top, with other dogs.  She isn’t a bad walk on lead and a little extra training will go a long way.  She’s a very pretty girl and has been good in kennels.  She has been crate trained.  Being just a youngster we are looking for a home that will not leave her for longer than 5 hours.

Mazie has a very pretty face

What a poser

Mazie loves to play but it is a bit one sided

Mazie is such a bright girl

Enjoying a walk along the beach away from the kennels for a few hours

If there’s a treat involved you can usually get Mazie’s attention pretty quickly

Mazie has some basic commands

Mazie loves her cuddles