Monty was born 23 January 2018 and mum was a lurcher but we don’t know about dad.  He is a real character and he has needed it as he’s been through the mill.  He got a massive abscess on his head and had to had it drained twice (hence the bald head) and is now fully recovered for that.  Then he had some “flexor tendon contracture” in his front legs but this didn’t get him down and he has worked hard with us (mainly running around like a loony) to stretch them and he is almost perfect now.  He is definitely the escape artists of the group always keen to see whats going on outside wherever he is.  He’s going to make  smashing dog but like all pups will need firm guidance of what is expected of him as he grows.

Monty doing the “poor me; eyes

Monty looking sorry for himself (but he really isn’t it’s just and act!)

Monty will soon grow back a full head of hair

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