Nelly is thought to be about 5 or 6 and a lovely staffie. She’s had a rough time lately having been abandoned, very underweight weighing just 10 kilos instead of nearer to 18 kilos, infested with fleas and with (what we hope is) lack of muscle tone on her back legs.

That has all changed now, she is safe with us, has put on over 4 lb in a couple of weeks.  She has responded to flea treatment and her hair is growing back.  With regular exercise we hope her back legs will start to build up muscle.  She is very friendly. loves her cuddles.  She can be a little bit vocal but that is understandable, it is now only when she sees someone around and want to remind them she wants a cuddle.

We would welcome genuine enquiries on offering Nelly a home, although she will not be ready to go for a little while.

We were donated these coats by “Wool Needed For Rescues” It arrived the morning she did and never more welcome as she was almost skin and bone.  She was keen not to sit and get a cuddle instead.  As you can see in the other pictures. (10/3)

Time for a cuddle Nelly (10/3)

Nelly just loves her cuddles (10/3)

Nelly’s going to be ok now (10/3)

Nelly is very keen on sitting if there’s a treat going

Nelly has got life back in her eyes

You can only imagine what this girl went through, we’re making good memories for her now.

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