Ronnie and Reggie are boxer types who we believe have always lived together.  Ronnie was born October 2016 and Reggie was was born August 2013.  They are strong boys but settle down on a walk when there are no distractions.  Although they do play they are rather bouncy and their exuberant nature involves body slamming at every available opportunity. We are working on this and given time they will learn to respect personal space.  We are going to try, at least initially, to find a home for these two together, having been abandoned in a house on their own for several days they clearly kept each other going and firm friends.  It is a big ask but we do hope there is a home out for them together somewhere.

Ronnie loves to play ball, well squash anyway.

Reggie is the bigger of the two and looks like he is more of a cross.

Ronnie encouraging play

Reggie’s tail rarely stops

Reggi is the older at 5 years

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