Tessa is a lovely old soul born 2008.  She has had a good groom since coming in and is now ready for her new home.  She tends to bark at all sorts of noises (although has been quiet in kennels).  She loves her walks and is becoming very playful.  Tessa wants a quiet life, away from hustle and bustle and without other animals in the house.  She walks well on lead although a sudden noise can worry her and make her bark, a little bit of reassurance goes a long way.  She is also fearful of sudden movements, raised hands etc. Tessa will need a patient owner that will give her time to settled into her new life.

Tessa is beautiful and she knows it.

Tessa showing off her beautiful sit (nothing to do with waiting for a treat)

Tessa is really very playful for a golden oldie

Tessa looking happy

Tessa showing how beautiful her coat is


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