Toby is around 2 1/2 years old. He is said to be a spaniel x boxer but is fairly small in size. He had nipped recently and that is how he has come into us. Since coming into kennels he has been nothing but a sweetheart. We have found he has some skin issues and also his ears have been causing him serious problems and this may be the reason behind his aggression.  Unfortunately it looks like Toby is going to need ongoing treatment for his ears and consideration is going to be needed into whether he needs to have an operation.

In the meantime we are now considering putting Toby up for adoption.  He will need a home that does not have other dogs (although he is fine out and about walking them) or children in the home.  He would benefit from an active home and that one has lots of time and patience for this very bright dog.

Toby has a gorgeous smile