Wolfie is a 4 year old Jack Russell and a really happy, friendly little chap! He is ok with most other dogs when out, and could possibly live with another laid back dog with proper introductions. He doesn’t like cats, and is not used to young children, but is fine with older kids 9+. Wolfie would be ideal for an older home with experience of terriers, and where there is someone at home most of the time, as he doesn’t like being left for long periods. He walks nicely on the lead, and travels well. Wolfie is neutered, fully vaccinated and microchipped.

Wolfie is currently staying with our friends at Isle Rescue (who are in Doncaster) clicking this link will take you directly to Wolfie’s page

Wolfie may well be coming to stop with us shortly but if you get in quick by contacting Isle Rescue he could be with you before he needs to come to us.

Look at this very smart boy.