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Amber is around 2 years old and came to us from a breeding home where she was being kept in awful conditions. She gave birth 3 days after she arrived to 4 babies and she has now been spayed and is ready to settle into a home somewhere else. Despite what she has been through in her life she is an extremely affectionate girl who we know will thrive in a home. She needs to feel some grass under her paws and the freedom that life can offer her. Amber would make a fantastic addition as a house rabbit and no doubt would be up on a sofa giving cuddles when watching a movie but being an indoor rabbit is not essential for her if there’s a good outdoor home for her. Amber still needs to gain condition after looking after her babies but is doing brilliantly so far.

Amber is an extremely sweet rabbit and would be a wonderful addition to any home.

Amber is enjoying some me time at the moment but we would like to find her a home where she will have the company of other rabbits and the chance to bond with at least one once she is at least 8 weeks post neuter.

A hutch is not enough for Amber (or any rabbit) and the minimum space needed will be 6 foot x 2 foot x 2 foot uninterrupted floor space(though a shed is ideal if outside) and access to a good sized run ( 8 x 4 foot is a good start). Please check out for ideas.

Please fill in an application form if you feel you have the space and time Amber requires. Please add a picture of your set up or alternatively email or facebook message us a picture/video.