Archie is a real old soul, probably around 10 or so years old. He wasn’t in great condition when he came in with very overgrown nails, one growing round into the pad. He also had really bad teeth and was diagnosed with a heart murmur, which wouldn’t have been helped by his teeth. He has had both operations for his teeth and what a change in a boy we’ve seen. He must have been in such discomfort.

Archie does love his walks

He is pretty deaf, and not just selective hearing deaf, and can bark when he is alone although he has settled in kennels and as long as there is nothing going on will tuck up and sleep in his bed until his clock tells him it’s food time. He loves to be snuggled up and is perfectly capable of wrapping himself up in his blanket. He walks ok on lead but does like to doing a running commentary on the first part of his walk, is pretty dismissive of other dogs although the occasional one gets his attention. Due to his hearing he is unlikely to be allowed off lead anytime other than in the garden.

Archie’s a bit grey round the muzzle but what a sweet boy he is

He loves a cuddle, enjoys his food and likes a comfy bed for a nap. Have you room?

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