Arthur (5)
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Arthur was born around March 2016. Sadly he came into BARK after being involved in a road traffic accident. Although his owner was traced unfortunately they decided not to reclaim him so he is now looking for a new home.

What’s the most important thing when you’re feeling bashed and bruised? A big comfy bed.

After an initial few “dodgy days” Arthur spent at the vets his first couple of weeks were spent recovering and out enjoying his walks and a bit of off lead exercise. He is now fully recovered, his hair is growing back and he is just living life to the full

He is a lovely boy, a nice walk and appears sociable with the other dogs we have at kennels, although some he is not keen on and makes his feelings clear. He has teamed up with other road traffic accident victim Stevie and largely ignores her. We do know he lived with other dogs.

Arthur will benefit from a home that will take him out for long walks, up hills and own dales and a nice comfy bed to sleep on at home.

We have no history of Arthur with children, cats or small furries although he is certainly on high alert when he sees a rabbit. If you feel your home and Arthur would be a good match please complete and return an application form.


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