Baby loves a bum scratch above almost anything else.

Baby was born March 2015.  She is an Old Tyme Bulldog and what a soft lump she is.  Sadly she had been in some fights with the other dog in the household and although it is said she started the fights the other dogs finished them.  This has led to a few scars.  Sadly she was taken to the vets to pts but the vets did not feel this was necessary.  She is so people friendly with a very large waggy bottom.  We have found she has walked well on lead and has not reacted to the other dogs at all. More details to follow as we get to know her. Although she is not ready to go to her new home just yet, phone enquiries of anyone who think they can give her the home she needs would be welcome.

Thanks to our vet Baby is here to find the right home.

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