Wednesday 25th March 2020

It’s a strange thing facebook. A lot of people look at the picture read the first line and never go any further. In this sense it can be quite dangerous. For us though we get upset when some dogs appear to get ignored. We recently put up this video of Tiggy and a dog called Enzo playing the day she went to her new home.

The responses were almost inclusively about Tiggy. Enzo didn’t get a look it. Enzo, we believe, is from the same house as Tiggy. His condition when he came in was not as poor as Tiggy’s but he was in a pretty bad state and actually took longer than Tiggy to ‘put right’ For legal reasons even though we have had Enzo since before Christmas we were unable to advertise that. These two re igniting their friendship was a little bitter sweet. However Enzo is now officially ours and how handsome is he? We’ll do all we can Enzo to make sure you are loved as you should have been for the rest of your life.

Tuesday 24th March 2020

We are unable to walk the dogs around the estate now and we are so greatful for our lovely exercise area, the dogs are really enjoying it, especially with the weather being so nice. Sadly the border collie pups, who are not 8 weeks yet, will be with us for a while due to the restriction of movement. We have implemented a socialisation program for them. Today, is “what is that”

Monday 23rd March 2020

Yesterday we put an up-to-date photo of Tiggy, she’s looking amazing.

Tiggy looking amazing

We put an appeal out on facebook, over the weekend, for offers of foster homes for our small caged animals. Some have already going off to foster homes with staff and we hope, subject to no further restrictions, all rabbits, guineas and snakes will be away for a bit of a holiday away from the kennels.

We had an update from the three cross breed pups that went to homes last week. Hamid, Bea and Arthur. How perfect are they?

Sunday 22nd March 2020

Like everyone else this is all a bit surreal, but we have a good focus. We have had lots of messages offering to foster a dog. We have decided not to offer the dogs or cats out for fostering. They are happy in the kennels, they enjoy their routine. BARK is, obviously, constantly monitoring the situation. To, try and, ensure the animals can maintain their routines we have split into three groups. One group who will only do mornings, one who will only do afternoons and one who is there if there is an issue with any of our staff.

Sadly last week we had to make the decision allow volunteers at the kennels to keep the exposure to all at a minimum. BARK relies very heavily on volunteers but for all of us that is the correct decision and it wont be long before this is all hopefully a distant memory that we have all learned from.

Good news yesterday, the lovely Minnie got her new home and the last of the 10 pups we had went safely off to their new homes. We’re already getting photos in of them settling in very nicely.

Minnie was a real inquisitive soul, she gone to join a husbun.
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