Basil was born in October 2010 and is said to be a Siberian or Siberian cross with quite the most enormous tail. He is a big boy and knows his likes and dislikes. He loves to be out in good weather.

Basil will be better suited as an only cat as he was a bit of a bully of other cats in the house. He used to live with a small placid dog but tends to prefer to be left alone to snooze so we feel an only pet home would suit him best.

He is very self-sufficient (even catching his owner dinner at times) and enjoys being stroked but can turn quickly and he has still go all his own teeth!

An experienced cat home who likes a cat with an interesting personality and is prepared to work round his little idiosyncrasies.

We will not home Basil with children

Basil is very affectionate on his own terms
Basil is a stunner
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