Benny is just a little bit bigger than normal lap dog
Benny is a super boy

Benny is a stunning Husky with beautiful eyes.  He was born in April 2015. He is very loving, hairy, and cuddly.  He has some good basics, sit and down, and knows he needs to put his legs into his harness before he gets out for a walk.  Typically, when it comes to recall he goes completely deaf.  He has lived with children but sadly when a new baby came into the house he was just too interested in the unusual noises so we will be looking to rehome him with (confident) over 8’s.  He has lived with and interacted around other dogs similar in size to him.  He could not be rehomed with small furries or chickens etc.

Benny is a lovely boy but sadly due to his legs he can only have a couple of short walks a day.  He manages very well with this and has been used to this reduced exercise routine for around a year and coped well.  He is a very loving boy and we are looking to place him in a home that will give him the quality of life that he can manage and deserves.  Sadly Benny is likely to live a shorter life than typically expected and only special homes need apply.

Benny walks well on his harness. Although he has had some issues with his legs this only means he needs short walks and lots of cuddles.

Benny is a lovely lad and his tail is always a blur

Benny in his “Did someone say biscuit?” pose.

Benny has beautiful eyes

Benny showing his very smart sit, which instantly turns into a down, roll over and tummy tickle please.

Benny Feeling the heat
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