Please see bottom of post on how to apply.

Bill (male) and Bailey (female) were born on the 1st December 2018 and are going to be large crosses. They have some collie, some lab and lots of other dogs within their mix.

We are looking for the following types of home:

Consistent company for most of the day and night.

Willingness to attend training classes for at least 6 months

Understand that these dogs are pups and will need a gentle but firm approach to housetraining and that accidents may happen.

Understand that puppies chew

Understand that they will need their own space.

Local to our area and in a position to offer a pup a home after a home check.

Understand that we will get loads of enquires and we will pick the best home for each dog.

Any other animals in the house must be fully vaccinated.

You must read our rehoming conditions at

These pups can ONLY be seen by STRICT appointments only. Please send an email to with reasons for wanting to be considered for one of these puppies. A guideline of what to include can be found here

Bill is the bigger of the two
Bailey is the mischievous one
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