Billy is a lovely old boy, who will be 11 in June this year. He has some issues, eye problems which need regular treatment with drops, skin problems (which we are still looking into but are likely to need regular injections or pills for the rest of his life). His hearing is either selective or not as sharp as it used to be. But you know what? What a loving boy he is.

Billy loves to play

Sadly his eyesight is not great at the moment but we hope this will improve with treatment to a level that he will be comfortable with. He was struggling with the step out of his indoor kennel to outside as he couldn’t see it due to the contrast in light. SWP Engineering immediately came to our rescue and within 24 hours he has his owner super duper ramp.

Billy loves his food

He is a strong boy on lead but he largely ignores the other dogs and just gets on with life. We have no history with children.

Billy is a handsome boy

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