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Blizzard is about 18 months old and a British Bull Dog Type. She’s had a rough start to life.

Blizzard is wary of all things new but with gentle encouragement she can be brave.

Blizzard came in after being found in a house some days after her owner had died. She is a very sweet girl but has had limited experience of life. Everything for her at the moment is very new and can be quite scary. Although wary for a very short time when meeting anyone new she very quickly comes in for a cuddle. The outside is currently very scary for her. Although we have limited history she has responded to the other dogs at kennels well. An experienced home will be necessary. We feel Blizzard may well be better in a home with a relaxed and confident dog to teach her how wonderful the world can be. This will currently pose a problem as we are unable to do introductions to other dogs with the current Covid restrictions. In Blizzard’s best interests we may need to consider a home without another dog.

Blizzard is a beautiful girl who loves her cuddles

Blizzard has seen the vet and they suspect she may has some issues, in the future with her legs. Her eyes are almost ok and currently no treatment is need or particularly expected in the future.

She is a strong girl on lead but as her confidence builds this can be tackled with training.

Please note we have a very restricted rehoming area currently. Full details can be found at Things To Consider – Berwick Animal Rescue Kennels Then if applicable we look forward to your completed application form.