Minstrel & Bonnie

Minstrel & Bonnie

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Bonnie and Minstrel are between 12 and 14 years old and have always lived together. Bonnie is the more confident of the two. When she came in she was clearly in discomfort so she was fitted in quickly by the vet and the remnants of a tooth, recently removed, were removed and she was immediately so much happier. Bonnie loves to be out and about and would live with another cat happily. She is a love bug and would love nothing better to be a couch companion.

Minstrel is a gentle soul who loves a bit of fuss but is much quieter than bonnie and doesn’t move much. Although the girls have always been together we feel they would be happy to be split up if necessary.

Minstrel has just been diagnosed with Arthritis in her back legs and low muscle tone. We wonder if a home on her own would get her out and about a bit more. Any new owner will need to encourage her to exercise and help herself gain muscle and hopefully help her become more comfortable. She is currently on loxicom to help with her discomfort but we are yet to know if this will be necessary long term of if she can come off it and use is as and when is needed instead of daily.


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