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Please note we are working within government restrictions placed on us. We can not currently consider rehoming to Scotland. Any enquiries must be be within 7 miles of the kennels in England. It is as annoying to us as it is you.

Sadly Bruce had come back into us. He did so well in his new home but had a tendency to bark and this sadly just wasn’t acceptable to his owners, nor did they have the time needed to sort it.

We are certain that with additional input Bruce is just going to be amazing. While out he did really well with his training. He does get very excited when he sees people or other dogs. We know he can play well with other dogs but does need to learn a bit of etiquette.

Bruce is an amazing dog who we know has potential in a home that has lots of time and patience to work with him and get him to a position where he will be a dream to have.

Bruce is not yet a year old.

One handsome boy

Bruce came in with a broken leg, although this is healing well he will need to be exercised cautiously in the coming months. We are looking for a home where Bruce will be the only pet.

Bruce, probably more out of frustration, has a tendency to nip/bite if he is not getting his own way. We are looking for a home with no children.

Bruce needs his brain stretched and someone who has experience of training and going to training classes will be essential.

Bruce is very loving and has huge potential, he is going to make someone a very special dog but the next 3 months will be a challenge. We are looking for an active home where Bruce will have company most of the time.
A fit, active and retired home will probably suit him well.

Bruce’s leg has healed well, not perfectly but well. It is likely that in the future he may have further issues, arthritis perhaps. It is highly likely anything related to his leg will not be able to be insured or if it is the premium will be high. The possible future financial cost must be a consideration when rehoming.

Bruce can be so good

If you feel you could offer Bruce what he really needs and have read and understood our rehoming conditions we would be pleased if you would complete and application form.

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