Candy and Brock are 5 and 4 years old and have always lived together. Sadly their owner died recently and this has left these two in obvious distress. They were with their owner when he died and alerted people to a problem. We would ideally like to rehome them together and although we understand that will be difficult surely it’s worth a try.

Wouldn’t it be nice if these two friends could stay together.

Brock is the mother figure and looks after Candy. She is quite relaxed as long as she knows what is going on. Candy is a bit of a Daddy’s girl and needs a bit more reassurance. Although they have always lived together they have not had much positive interaction around other dogs, so caution will be needed.

Candy loves attention

Sadly for the right home we will have to consider rehoming them separately but we feel it would be fair to give them a chance at being rehomed together.

Brock has a lovely gentle nauture