Charles weighed 10.4 kilos when he came in and today is 8.9 kilos. We can see the improvement in him and he is getting so much for active. We have set him up in our isolation room to give him more room to “exercise”. He’s got some big steps to go up and down and he spends many a happy hour looking out the window, when he’s not pulling ALL the bedding off the shelves.

Charles enjoying his new toy thanks to a kind donation from Tesco Berwick-upon-Tweed

Charles has settled in well to kennels and is going great with his weight loss. We hope he will be ready to go to a new home at the end of March

Charles loves a bit of attentions and shows it with his lovely purr

Charles is said to be around 13 years old. He originally came into us as he was biting the owner and this was causing problems. He had apparently done this to some degree from a youngster but the biting was becoming unmanageable.

When Charles came in he was very unhappy and he needed a good groom
1st groom, still a long way to go but he’s starting to feel so much better

However when he arrived he weighed in at a very unhealthy 10.4 kilos. Sadly it is going to be a very long road for Charles to loose this excess weight. We are initially aiming to get him down to 5 or 6 kilos but his is likely to take over a year, so we are looking for a home that will be able to help him with his weight loss journey.

Charles is beginning to releax in kennels and understand that we are only trying to help

Obviously his biting is an issue so an understanding home will be essential. Charles will be on a special diet food for at least the next 6 months and BARK will help towards the cost of this (Normally rehoming fees apply)

What a beautiful face

Charles has always been a house cat but we will be looking for a safe secure garden where he can get out and explore as his body condition allows him to and this will also help with weight loss.

Are you special enough for this larger than life boy?

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