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Charlie is a very beautiful looking 18 month old Large Cross who has come in from abroad. Charlie is very bright and quick to pick up on training and has some good basics. He has been to agility and enjoys all the equipment. Indeed when he was playing in our play area he made sure to try everything out from the ramp to the see saw and the tunnel to the hut. Charlie needs a home where he will have a role to play, be that agility or unloading the washing he will probably turn a paw to most things.

We are looking for an active, non rural, as Charlie can not be around live stock, only pet home. No children, although older visiting children may work. His home needs to have experience of taking training to the next level. Charlie could not go to a home that had not done extensive training before.

He is a lovely lad with huge potential but he missed the essentials in his early puppyhood and as such needs an experienced owner. He had be known to chase cars but training has solved this. He can chase anything that moves and this includes for example joggers and he has been no to grab clothing. He picks up on cues from people and is not afraid to exert his dominance in those cases. A challenge yes but a very worthy one. He loves to play with other dogs but can be quite over excitable.

It will be absolutely essential for any new owner to get outside help to get the correct ongoing training to give this boy the chance he deserves.

Charlie is not coming into kennels and will be staying with his current owners who are keen to find the right home for him.

Charlie will need any potential owners to meet on many occasions and for everyone to be satisfied of the challenge ahead. If you feel you are up for the challenge please complete and return an application form below.

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