Charlie was born around September 2018 and is a Saluki cross type. Charlie has had a few issues in his home that has led him coming in to us for rehoming. Unfortunately he was also being left for long periods which led to inevitable boredom chewing.

Charlie can do a beautiful sit
Bit windy today, Charlie’s ears are all over the place

Charlie can be fearful on first meeting but with the correct introductions we have found him an absolute delight. It will be essential that Charlie goes to training classes so he can be socialised correctly around dogs and people so his fear does not carry on into adulthood.

Puppy mode all legs!
Charlie loves a bit of free running and so far his recall has been good
Charlie has loved going up and down and down and up

So far Charlie has walked well around the other dogs and has been clean in his kennel overnight. We are aware he has had a bad experience of kennels in the past so are keen that his experience with us will change that and so far it is going well.

Charlie on look out
Charlie i a very handsome boy

Although we are aware Charlie has lived successfully with children we do not feel a busy household will suit him until he has had additional training so we are looking for an adult only home for him for the moment. Subject to successful introductions it is quite possible Charlie could go with an easy going, probably neutered female, dog.

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