03/08/21 CoCo – we are not taking any more enquiries on CoCo

03/08/21 CoCo – we are not taking any more enquiries on CoCo

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Coco will be 2 in October this year. She came in after she had a prolapse which has taken good length of time to resolve. We weren’t sure if she would need a further operation but it she is doing really well and feel comfortable now is the right time to put her up for rehoming.

Sadly it appears as though she has had limited socialisation and everything is new to her.  CoCo’s first reaction is to bark but given the correct direction she soon understands, for that moment anyway, she is safe and doesn’t have to worry.

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Her thought process is very much all over the place but then she is a lab and a chocolate one at that.  We understand in her previous home she could be destructive. This may be done to lots of reasons including the discomfort, which would have been high, from her prolapse, lace of exercise and overall boredom, and of course she is a lab! 

We would like CoCo to go to a home where she can learn that dogs can be fun, that life is for living and where any owner would understand that Coco will need time to learn to trust anything near her back end.

Things are going well with her prolapse. As this was a hormone based prolapse and she has been spayed we don’t now believe she will need any further treatment. Over the coming months it will ultimately shrink away and cause her no further bother. Homes which children under 10 are unlikely to be considered. The previous owner has advised that cats are a definite no.

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03/08/21 CoCo – we are not taking any more enquiries on CoCo

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