Compo is at least 16 1/2 and just looking for a quiet life. He currently lives with other dogs but is just not happy. We are looking for a retirement home where Compo will be an only dog

Compo is looking for a very special only pet home

Compo is always worried the other dogs will get his food so has to be hand fed, it is unknown whether this would need to continue in his new home. He has few teeth but he can still mange a small chew

Compo likes the finer things in life

Compo isn’t a great fan of going for walks, preferring to have a good sniff. He would suit a home that has a good size garden with lots of sniffing potential.

Compo likes a good sniff and isn’t that enthusiastic about his walks

Compo has probably had a lot go on in his previous life. He prefers to keep himself to himself and although loves a head stroke is very wary when being approached on any other part of his body.

Compo is very much his own dog

Compo is getting on in years and is a little bit senile but than at such a great age surely we can forgive him that?

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