Cooper is a small German Shepherd Cross (we’re told rottie but we cant see it), we believe around 5 years old. He is a nice boy who although a bit all over the place is not too bad on lead although can be very excitable and bark.  He appears good with people and we know he has lived with another dog and certainly walking around them at kennels he has been good.

We don’t have any recent history of children but are told that 3 or 4 years ago he was good around them.  He does need a secure garden and plenty of walks.  Sadly on coming into us he had a neglected flea allergy which was causing him some discomfort.  We are on top of this and he is so much happier.  His hair is growing back and he isn’t itchy any more.

6/3/19 We’re delighted that we have finally found a diet that suits Cooper and that is Raw.  It has made an instant difference to him.  If we can get a bit of weight on he’ll be one step closer to be finding that new and loving home he deserves.

Cooper is settling at kennels and enjoying itch free skin

Cooper appears a happy lad

Cooper showing off his beautiful sit.

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