Dash and Rug are both very sweet cats who are looking for a home together or if the right home came up they could be rehomed separately. Both are thought to be around 10 years old.

dash is an absolute sweetheart with the most gentle of purrs

Dash is a very handsome grey tabby boy who is very sweet. Unfortunately Dash has been mistreated in the past and as such can be spooked by sudden movements and noise/rustling of plastic bags. He loves a cuddle and is very soppy.

Rug is very in your face and will not stay still to have her photo taken.

Rug is a Beautiful girl. She keeps herself in fantastic condition and free of any tatts in her hair. Although she loves Dash, being rehomed with other cats may be an issue for her as she likes to assert her dominance, especially around other females. Rug is said to be more of a mans cat but seems to be tollerating the female staff at the kennels well and is a real sweetie.

Dash Loves a cuddle