Day 648 and Christmas came early

I think I speak for all the staff and volunteers at the kennels that if we had one wish for Christmas, much as we love him, it would be for Archie to not spend it with us at kennels but with a new family.  Well yesterday 648 days after coming into kennels our Archie finally got his new home.  He is such a loyal and loving boy that is anyone’s for a cuddle and beams his staffie smile at everybody.  He is going to be a huge miss at the kennels from his waggy bum on our walks to getting everyone he met to give him a good scratch.  He’s not moved far so we really hope he will visit us regularly just to help us.

Why did it take so long for Archie to find a new home?  Three reasons, one he was a staffie, two he was ‘old’ and three he was brindle.  Harsh though that may appear that is the reality of it.  It didn’t help that he couldn’t go to a home with another dog but that had a minimal affect compared to the other three “No”  If we had a pound for every time someone said “I don’t like staffies” or “that’s too old” or “I don’t like brindles” we could have built Archie his own house and then he could have adopted a family to live with him.  Admittedly if Archie had remained the cute puppy in the box he wouldn’t have been here long.

For now though, until the next old, brindle staffie comes in, we’re all just delighted that Archie is safe, warm and loved and we have no doubt that his owners will be rewarded many times by Archies little ways.

Archie left us in great condition, shiny coat and a lovely waist line

Archie as a pup

Archie never forgot his role was to make sure everyone got a cuddle.

This was Archie when he first came in, dull coat overweight and very unfit.

Archie loved his playtime