Delia is 14 1/2 years old and a British Shorthair. We have found Delia is thriving being away from Orla, that she came in with, as well as being away from a stressful household. She is turning out to be such a loving old girl and has decided that attention is definitely worth it. We had to get Delia’s hair shaved off her body as she was so matted, so she is maybe looking a bit silly but she is absolutely feeling 100 times better for it.

We would like Delia to go to a quiet home where she won’t have dogs or other cats bothering her, and not to much hustle and bustle. We think she deserves this after a pretty hectic past few years and she would just like to enjoy her retirement.

Delia has decided she does in fact love attention
Delia is feeling so much better after a haircut
Delia loves her bed but would love it even more in a retirement rehome
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