Dude and Lacey

Dude and Lacey

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Please note we have a VERY restricted rehoming area currently and can only rehome in very specific cases. Please check https://b-a-r-k.co.uk/things-to-consider-before-adoption/ before applying.

We will NOT consider separating this pair, they are bonded and have been through a lot together.

Dude and Lacey came in after their owner died after a long illness. They have clearly been very much loved pets but their coats have suffered recently. The will be getting a groom with Claire at Wot-A-Clip on Thursday on we will then post their new look.

Dude is missing a fair few teeth but it doesn’t cause him any problems.

Dude is 11 years old and as you might guess by his pictures is missing a few teeth. He also needs another dental but as he is not in pain or distress it is not possible to do this currently.

Lacey, like Dude will need regular grooming. She’ll be a different looking dog once she’s had her groom

Lacey is just over 6, again she needs a dental but this will need to be done once restrictions are lifted.

Dude and Lacey are very much full of life

They are a happy little pair, full of mischief. We have no history of them with children or cats. They have lived with another dog and have been good around the ones at kennels. However as we will not be able to do dog introductions prior to rehoming having another dog in the household will hold up rehoming.

If you have read about our current rehoming area and the needs of these two and feel you have the home they might be looking for please complete and return and application form.

Hairy before their groom.


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