Enzo is back but at least he is happy.
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Sadly Enzo is back with us Enzo is coming up 5 and has had a really rough start to life. You may recall he came in came in from what we now know to be the same house as Tiggy. He was thin and his skin was in terrible condition. (see picture at the bottom of this post)

Enzo is back but at least he is happy.

It was lovely seeing Enzo and Tiggy reunited just before Tiggy left for her new home

Enzo loves his walks (as long as it’s not raining.

Enzo had issues in his new home. These have been, largely, protective. Given the chance Enzo would guard his front gate (from where ever he was in the property house). This led to him biting a neighbour twice. He also tried to bite his male owner, although these bites were more to do with what was going on around him and his owner was trying to stop Enzo biting someone. There were also issues with Enzo trying to get to other dogs. Although we believed these were largely overcome when Enzo was allowed to meet the other dogs as he has got on well with most of the dogs at kennels

This video is from when Enzo was with us previously (and during lock down) when he loved to play with Jasper and Layla

Inside his home (without visitors) Enzo was very loving. We love Enzo very much and can understand after such a (previous) rubbish start where these issues are coming from. BUT they are not acceptable and will need careful managing. Enzo needs an experience home that will be able to work with Enzo while keeping him and everyone else safe.


Layla and Enzo were great pals throughout lock down.  This is them 8/8/20 renewing their friendship (although Layla wanted to play more than Enzo)

Enzo loves to be cozied up

The type of home we are looking for is one that will be dedicated to helping Enzo overcome any onlead issues with dogs. The home must be very secure, ideally with an only owner that has strict control of the comings and goings around his home. This will need to extend to any deliveries to the house. Enzo is very bright and can be trained but it will be a long and ongoing process. The rewards will be great. I’m sure it goes without saying it would be unwise to rehome Enzo with children and small furries, Enzo is very reactive to the cats at kennels. It may well be Enzo could go with a very easy going medium sized dog but this will be subject to being a really good match to Enzo’s needs.

If you need a reminder of how this poor boy was when he first came in

Enzo originally came in late December 2019

If you feel you could off Enzo the right home for him and have read and accepted our rehoming conditions please complete and return our application form We may consider extending our rehoming area to within 50 minutes of the kennels BUT a commitment to come and see Enzo at least 5 times and all members of the family plus any that will be helping with care (including dog walkers) must also visit at least twice.


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