21/10/21 Fern – will be off to her new home shortly.

21/10/21 Fern – will be off to her new home shortly.

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Fern is 4 years old and has had years of abuse living in the tiniest of hutches and being used to breed litter after littler. This has taken the toll on her health. and we’ve been very worried about. She clearly wasn’t well and we had to postpone her spaying so she could have a course of antibiotics along with painkillers. She continued to be poorly. An ultra sound on Monday 11/10/21 revealed very worrying growths so the only option, despite being below par was to operate. We were delighted when she came through the operation having had her uterus removed along with cancerous tumours, easily 3 times the size of her uterus. Now day two after her operation she is doing so well, eating and clearly not in pain anymore.

We need to be realistic about her future and next week, all being well would like to find her the best home, with lots of outside space, time for cuddles. A home along side another neutered rabbit would be idea, although no proper introductions could take place for at least 4 weeks. We would also consider a house rabbit as long as there is access to outside.

If you feel you have the time and commitment needed for this lovely bunny who just needs to live the life she has always deserved, please complete and return an application form.


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21/10/21 Fern – will be off to her new home shortly.

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