Flare – will be off to his new home shortly

Flare – will be off to his new home shortly

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Please consider Flare’s needs carefully before applying to rehoming him. He is not “just” a pet, he needs a lot of effort, time and understanding.

Flare is just a year old and has had a really bad start to life being moved from one home to another (at least 4) which has likely included a domestic abuse environment.

Border Collies are typically bright, intelligent and full of energy both mentally and physically. Flare is from working parents and as such this is even more obvious in his behaviour.

Flare needs to be trained using positive reinforcement

Flare is a really lovely boy, due to his breeding we would not rehome him with children under 12. We would not consider rehoming Flare with Cats. We will not home his where he will just be a pet. Flare needs (and deserves more). He needs a home that will likely be already part of the agility or flyball scene. He must go to regular training classes. Flare has been caught in time. He can lead a long and fulfilling life but any owners will need to put the work in.

We’ve found him very friendly and keen on a cuddle but are aware that sudden movements make him uneasy. He is comforted by being reassured.


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