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Foggy has come on so well. Someone who lives locally and is prepared to spend a bit of time getting to know Foggy, has a secure garden, quiet home and prepared to spend time gaining Foggy’s trust what a lovely lad you’ll have. If you are prepared to travel to see Foggy daily until he is comfortable we would be able to extend our rehoming area. Foggy has some issues with other dogs although we have found it manageable when he understands his guidelines and there are some dogs he gets on with. Foggy will need to be an only dog. But if you have time, lots of love and time Foggy could be your dog.

Foggy was a BARK dog who has sadly come back in as he was unable to get on with a new dog in the house. He also had issues sometimes with other dogs when out and about. You may recall Foggy from previously where we all spent a lot of time running around Berwick trying (and eventually succeeding to catch him.)

Foggy is now 10. Sadly he is still very nervous of new situations but he has settled back into kennels and clearly loves a routine.

We’ve found he walks well on lead, loves his cuddles (once you’ve built up that trust) and has been well behaved in and out of his kennels.

We are looking for a quiet, gentle home, with no other animals. Ideally a home with little going on to allow Foggy the peace he needs. A single person or calm couple would possible sort him ideally. Foggy could not go in a home with children. A central town location would probably not suit him. A home with a secure garden and lots of space to run will also benefit him. He has so much to give and he never fails to make us smile.


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