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Sadly Fraoch is back with us sadly after her owner became ill and then her new home hasn’t worked out. She is a lovely girl and has settled back in to the kennels quickly.

Fraoch can be sensitive soul around some dogs but we have been walking her with our bigger dogs and she is perfectly happy. However, Fraoch can also be the aggressor and for no apparent reason can frighten other people’s dogs so rehoming with another resident dog would not be appropriate. She has also injured another dog badly. Although we have found with a very watchful eye she responds well to commands and will stop lunging, if you let your guard down there could well be another accident. We would not rehome her to a home where she will be near live stock although she has walked on lead around them. She will also take a little while to feel comfortable around new people but she is such a kind soul who just loves her cuddles. It can not be underestimated Fraoch’s behaviour around other dogs. We are currently muzzle training and this may be the safest way to keep her and other dogs safe.

She is still very much a youngster at just over 3. She may do well in a home with teenage children that can join in her training. She hasn’t reacted well to the cats at kennels so it is unlikely a home with a cat will suit her. She is really keen to please and can walk beautifully on lead.

Fraoch is such a lovely and loyal girl, she loves attention and if you stroke her and stop to soon she is soon nudging you to make sure she gets stroked for the appropriate length of time. Fraoch walks well on lead and listens, she is an amazing girl who will train given the correct input.

A new owner will need to be prepared to take Fraoch to training classes almost as soon as they take her home. She can be unpredictable around other dogs and as such must not be put in an uncontrollable position for hers and other dogs safety. Fraoch is just looking for an understanding owner who is prepared to protect her and put in the training that she needs.

If you can offer Fraoch the exercise, training, time and love she deserves and have a quieter home please complete and return an application.


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