Freyja will be off to her new home shortly

Freyja will be off to her new home shortly

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Freyja is a 6 month old Miniature Dachshund. She is very sweet and loves a cuddle. She has come in due to escaping and worrying sheep. Freyja could do with some more training and socialization. She can be a little stand offish when meeting new people but soon warms up.

A new owner will have to commit to taking her to training classes, this will need to be arranged prior to rehoming.

We wouldn’t rehome Freyja with young children due to her size but older respectful children should not be a problem.

Please read our things to consider before adoption page and decide if it right to apply. We are going to get a lot of applications and it will take time away from the animals to look through applications that are out of our area. Freyja is not yet spayed and will need to be close to one of our vets to be done in around 6 months time.

If you think you can offer the home she needs and meet our rehoming conditions please fill in an application form.


6 June, 2024


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Freyja will be off to her new home shortly

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