Fudge has just had her first birthday, at the end of July. She is a very large cross being some 28/29″ at the shoulder. Sadly this does not make her ideal for staying in our kennels so for the moment we have take the decision to try and rehome her from her own home. She is currently in the Alnwick area and arrangements will need to be made to view her there. Normal homechecks and adoption fees will apply.

Fudge is a very big girl, easily 28 or 29 inches

Fudge currently lives with a border terrier but is untested around strange dogs. When out on a lead she walks well but if there is something of interest a strong owner will be needed to keep her away!

Fudge has the softest face

She currently lives with children 7 up and is very good with them. Fudge can easily jump a low fence so a secure garden with at least 5 and 1/2 feet will be necessary. She is a good traveller but due to her size she needs a secure dog guard rather than a crate to travel in. She is used to a crate but it would need to be a particularly large one.

Fudge can walk well when there are no distractions around

She is still very much a youngster and although she can be left 2 – 3 hours if she hasn’t had the exercise she deserves she may chew through boredom and has a fondness for shoes.

Fudge – who could resist those eyes
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