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George came in having been picked up with an injured eye. Everyone though he must be a semi feral cat as he was so grumpy but this appears to have been down the the pain he was in with his eye. He had to have an emergency operation to remove his eye and has never looked back (if you pardon the pun)

He has recovered well and is a loveable boy. His coat was in really poor condition so there’s a few bald bits (don’t even mention his tail). He is doing well being groomed and the shine is coming back on his coat. We do know he lived with a dog at some point, but then it is said he moved out so he may not like their company. We do not feel George would be happy with children under 12.

It would be lovely if George could get a home where he will learn to relax again in a house and want to enjoy the warm of a fire but still have the opportunity to get out and about in a semi rural setting.

George has now be neutered and as he has almost recovered from his eye operation he is ready to look for his new home.


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