Georgie was born in February 2018.  He is a lively character  and a real pocket rocket.  He has some good basic commands and loves to play ball, so much so that he’ll give it to you to throw all day long.  He is said to be an Aisling Bray Jack Russell.

He has got some behavioural issues and needs a very specific, only pet, home. He can be timid on first meeting but just loves his cuddles and soon turns in to the the lively energetic lad he is.  He can be noisy around other dogs but is beginning to listen.  Georgie does need to learn a few manners around other dogs and training classes will help this.  We have been walking around the other dogs at kennels and he has quickly learnt it doesn’t get him anywhere and walks well.  He needs some very specific training to make him more sociable on first meeting people, including when out on walks.

Georgie loves to be off lead and has great recall.  One of his favourite things is hide and seek and he will sit and wait patiently for the game to begin.

Georgie would need to be rehomed to a home without children under 10.

Georgie will wait patiently while you hide a toy.

Georgie is such a happy soul once he feels confident

Georgie has some good basic commands