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Guvnor came in as a stray clearly very poorly. We know he had been in a particular area for at least 4 years. Test showed (like Tallulah) he has thyroid problems. We have now got his condition stabilised on medication and he doesn’t mind taking it twice a day. His coat has improved and he is such a happy and loving boy.

He loves to know everything that is going on and if you are a book reader you possibly should only apply if you are prepared to have a helper. He love a chat and he loves his sleep.

If you can offer Guvnor a home for his retirement please complete and return a form. B.A.R.K. will continue to support any medical needs in connection with his Thyroid if necessary but if this is the case he will need to be in a home just a short distance from a Galedin Vets.

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