Harry (3)
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Harry was born around 2017 and was brought in from abroad by another rescue earlier this year. We believe that rehoming failed and he was then acquired via the internet. When that person took Harry they took him because he was in such poor condition and arranged to bring him in to us as he wasn’t get on with their other dogs.

His skin is still suffering from his previous excess coat but a few good baths and he’ll soon be looking his best.

Harry is some sort of poddle type cross although his coat looked a bit like a cairn. He is a medium (although on the small size of medium) size. Harry has walked well around the other dogs and given time and guidance we would hope that other dogs wont cause him any issues. A commitment from his new owner to continue to work on this will be essential. Initially Harry will need to be an only pet.

We have not history of Harry with children and he can be wary of people on first meeting but shows no sign of aggression so positive experiences of meeting new people is a must.

We have fund Harry to be a super boy, very loving and although he does need to learn how to play he is going to be a smasher in the long run.

If you feel you have the right home for Harry please complete an application form.