Henry & BooBoo

Henry & BooBoo

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Henry & BooBoo came in to us after their owner died. They have had an awful time and we are looking for a very special home for them.

We believe their are both between 4 and 8 years old. BooBoo appears in good health and although currently very timid will accept a gentle approach and stroke. BooBoo came into us first, sadly Henry did not arrive until sometime later. BooBoo was please when he arrived.


Henry has not sight. He did immediately see our vet on arrival. They have said they fell Henry was born with out sight or something happen and a very (days/weeks) age. Surprisingly Henry can get around our runs very well and uses a litter tray and tucks himself up in bed. His eyes look as though he must be in pain although our vet assures us he is not. They have advised, due to the size and additional exposure of his eyes, he had eye drops daily as a preventative measure. Henry is going in to be neutered and have a dental on the 14th March. Once he has recovered we would be keen to rehome him with BooBoo as quickly as possible.

Although Henry’s eyes look like they might be uncomfortable he has been complete checked over by the vets, including numerous checks, and he is not in any pain

It is unlikely Henry will be a cat that will go outside although BooBoo may ultimately like a bit of freedom.

Due to the reaction of the two of them when they were reunited we would really like to find that special home that can take them together. Any potential owner would need to live within a reasonable distance of a Galedin Veterinary surgery

If you have that special home, without other animals, for these two please do complete and return an application form..

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