Jax is a Jack Russell cross cocker and a sweet boy.  He is very energetic and loves to play with his toys.  He was born around January 2016.  Jax had become very protective of the younger members of the household, blocking anyone who he wasn’t sure of from getting to them.  For this reason we are looking for an adult only home, perhaps with another dog, where Jax will being protected rather than doing the protecting.  Jax has been used to being left on his for short periods of time.  Jax will benefit from some training to boost his confidence. His weight loss has gone well and he is loving life to the full.


Jax is a loving dog who just needs to learn his owners are their to protect him, not the other way round


Jax loves to play and has good recall unless there is a rabbit or pheasant!


Jax insists on paddling no matter how cold it is.
Jax is full of fun and loves to play
Jax loves to be out and about