Joey & Ygritte

Joey & Ygritte

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Joey, who is around 7 – 8 years old, and Ygrittee, who is around 10 -11 years old are looking for an new home together.

Joey has been with us a while, while she has recovered from no feathers! She is now doing great, looking fantastic and has had a moult and still looks amazing!

Joey, once bonded, is happy to step up, have a chat, sit on your shoulder and generally cause mayhem.

Joey needs a home where she will get lots of company and plenty of time to be out her cage. Any cage must be large enough to allow here to continue to stretch her wings.

Ygritte, is not quite so forthcoming at the moment but has potential. He has had problems plucking in the past and to a degree this has continued under his chin. Joey and Ygritte are now bonded and sharing a cage and it already looks like their friendship is helping him reduce his habit. Ygritte happily sings away and will wait for you to clap your hands when he sings ‘if you’re happy and you know it’

As we would expect them to be out their cage for the majority of the day we are unlikely to consider a home with cats or dogs.

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